Spartan Elite Athlete/Coach

Jonathan Aragon

Spartan Elite Athlete/Coach

“As a professional fitness coach, preventing injury is a number one priority. RapidForce shapes are incredible easy to use and give you great support no matter which sport you play. I have used several shapes for many Spartan Races on my knees, shoulders, and lower back. The result of the RapidForce shapes is NO knee or back pain before, during, or after. I highly recommend this for the avid athlete or even pro athletes.”

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Customer Testimonials

Jan B.
West Chester, PA

“I can’t really believe it, but it’s helping my hip pain. I might have mentioned that I’m not an athlete, but my pain stems from needing a hip replacement. My surgery will be the end of July and I was hoping for some pain relief until then. Since yesterday when I applied it I really am feeling relief. For several days before application the pain was so bad I could barely walk.”

Kerri Schuh
Hermosa Beach, CA

“Unlike other tapes that I have tried, RapidForce supplies the adhesive and the support that others do not.  Other tapes are flimsy and thin, RapidForce Shapes are thick and supportive.  Through experience, these shapes lasts days through, practices, workouts, dips in the ocean and showers.  The shapes and thickness allows you to form the support you need around the injured area.”