RapidForce Shapes for Leg Pain

V Shape

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X Shape

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Thick multi-layered system that is 15x stronger than tape


Conforms to the body and provides maximum mobility

Long Lasting

Stays put for 3–5 days and can relieve pain for longer


Easy to apply: simply peel, place, stretch, and secure

Treatable Conditions

Calf Pain

Often a consequence of overuse or under-conditioning, calf pain can range from nighttime cramps or “charley horses” to a stabbing...

Hamstring Pain

Hamstring pain and hamstring injuries are usually caused by strains, pulls, or tears in the tendons or muscles in the...

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

The iliotibial band or IT band is the largest swathe of tissue in the body and runs from the pelvis/outer...