Glenohumeral Dysfunction & Shoulder Joint Pain

V Shape - Pain Relief & Muscle Support Shape

RapidForce® Shapes stabilize and support the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the back and shoulder. The V Shape is designed to reduce swelling by gently lifting the skin above the pain point, which can help circulate blood, oxygen, fluids, and nutrients to an injury site.

The glenohumeral joint is located in the shoulder and enables most shoulder movements. The glenohumeral connects the upper arm (humerus) to the shoulder joint (glenoid cavity).

Glenohumeral dysfunctions can refer to a variety of strains, dislocations, or general impingements that cause pain in the shoulder joint or lower shoulder blades. Most glenohumeral dysfunctions are caused by repetitive overhead motions or gradual wear and tear, usually from sports or labor-intensive occupations.

Repetitive throwing, lifting, hitting, swinging, carrying, hammering motions, or tomahawking are all common culprits of glenohumeral pain. Baseball players, golfers, disc golfers, swimmers, volleyball players, and tennis players are the most likely athletes to develop shoulder joint pain.

Pain in the shoulder or glenohumeral joint can feel as though the shoulder is “loose,” and it can also cause general achiness, a deep ache within the shoulder joint (especially where the arm connects to the shoulder), limited range of motion, a grinding or clicking sensation, frozen shoulder, tightness, or weakness. The pain will be located in the back of the shoulder, at the bottom of the shoulder blade (scapular).

RapidForce® V Shapes are designed to help reduce pain in the shoulder joint or pain in the bottom of the shoulder blade, including pain resulting from a glenohumeral dysfunction. The V Shape’s central core is bonded to the skin at the bottom of the shoulder blade, which stabilizes the pain point. The dual arms are then stretched outwards, providing structural support. The Shapes are also designed to provide mechanical lift, which gently lifts the skin, creating more subcutaneous space for blood, oxygen, nutrients, and fluids to flow to the injury site more efficiently.

RapidForce® Shapes are unlike any other pain-relief product on the market today. Each Shape’s patented design was carefully developed and perfected by a team of physical therapists, athletic trainers, engineers, and an ultrasound technician who sought to create a product that supports the muscles and helps relieve pain caused by muscle, tendon, joint, and ligament injuries. RapidForce® Shapes are used by athletes at all levels, including professional athletes, semi-pro athletes, and people who lead or want to lead an active lifestyle.

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Disclaimer: Please see your medical professional with any kind of pain. Pain could be an indication of a serious condition. RapidForce® Shapes are not meant to replace professional medical advice, professional treatment, or a professional treatment plan.

RapidForce Shapes for Back Shoulder Pain

V Shape

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Application Instructions

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Time it Right

While RapidForce® Shapes can be applied at any time, they should be applied 1–2 hours before beginning strenuous physical activity. The Shapes can start working is as little as two hours, but some applications take up to four hours.

Prep Skin Thoroughly

Wash and dry the skin to remove oils, moisture, and dirt. Trim or shave body hair; this helps create a more secure bond and more comfortable removal. Apply the provided Skin Tac liquid adhesive wipe. Allow 30 seconds for it to dry.

Customize Stretch

Secure the Shape’s central core to the most painful spot. For daily wear or moderate-to-light athletics, a mild stretch of 1/2” is ideal. Application instructions vary based on Shape, so read and follow the instructions mailed with your shape(s).

Secure Bond

With both the Shape and the skin at room temperature, carefully begin applying the shape. Once the shape is secure, rub it vigorously to maximize adhesive bond to skin.

  1. 1. Locate the pain point at the bottom of the shoulder blade

    1. Locate the pain point at the bottom of the shoulder blade

  2. 1. Locate the pain point at the bottom of the shoulder blade

    2. Apply the center of the V Shape

    Peel off the backing of the center the Shape and place over the point at the bottom of the shoulder blade. Press to secure the bond.

  3. 1. Locate the pain point at the bottom of the shoulder blade

    3. Apply the arms - 1/2” Stretch

    Peel off the middle backing of one of the arms, leaving the end tab in place. While stabilizing the center with one hand, customize the stretch based on the intensity of activity and place straight out from the center. Smooth the fabric onto the skin, moving from the center of the V Shape outwards. Remove the backing from the end tab and place on the skin. Do not stretch this mall piece. Press over the entire arm of the V Shape for about 10 seconds to secure the bond. Repeat for the second arm, moving in the opposite direction.

  4. 1. Locate the pain point at the bottom of the shoulder blade

    4. Feel Relief and Remove

    You may begin feeling relief within a few hours. However, it could take up to 24 hours. RapidForce shapes can provide pain relief and muscle support for up to five days but can be removed at any time. To remove, pull from the end of the arms to the center. If hair is present, pull in the direction of the hair’s growth to reduce discomfort. For easier removal, use mild warm water in the shower and then remove the shape slowly.