Frequently Asked Questions

Are RapidForce Shapes like kinesiology tape?

No. While the shapes may resemble kinesiology tape or athletic tapes, they are very different pain-relief solutions.

The Shapes are made of moisture-wicking compression fabric constructed with a patent-pending Muscle Layering Technology that provides multi-dimensional flexibility and 15x the mechanical strength of kinesiology tape and other elastic tapes. The single, continuous shapes also mean no more layering several pieces of tape atop each other to achieve stability; a single RapidForce shape can do the job of nearly 30 pieces of kinesiology tape.

RapidForce Shapes are also pre-cut and designed for specific parts of the body. Whereas cutting and wrapping athletic tape requires guessing how much to apply and exactly where to apply, RapidForce muscle support systems come in pre-cut shapes with specific instructions for applying based on condition, injury, or pain point.

Who uses RapidForce?
RapidForce Shapes were developed for people of all activity levels, from professional athletes to those who take daily walks on the beach. We want everyone to be able to participate in the activities they love, exercise to feel good, or compete in high-level sporting and endurance events without the issue of pain holding them back or slowing them down.

Can I shower or swim with a RapidForce Shape?

Yes. RapidForce Shapes are made with a moisture-wicking compression fabric and an extra-strong adhesive backing. This means the shapes won't lose any adhesion in the pool, the rain, or the shower for up to five days.
Is the adhesive latex free?
Yes. The adhesive is a medical-grade acrylic adhesive that is hypoallergenic, latex free, and drug free. It is a proprietary blend that is strong enough for the competitive athlete yet gentle enough for daily use. While it is an adhesive that will work for almost everyone, there is a small percentage of people who are allergic to skin adhesives in general. For these users, we recommend using the adhesive wipe provided in the package but removing the RapidForce shape if irritation occurs.
How long does the adhesive last?
We spent four years searching for the right formula, one that would stick the longest for the most people. The majority of people should be able to wear the shapes for up to 3–5 days if applied properly. For those with dry skin or in extreme conditions, such as extreme humidity or extreme sweating, apply the adhesive wipe that comes in the packaging prior to applying the shape. This wipe-on adhesive will give you extra stick quickly that will ensure you get the most out of the shape.
Are there any do’s or don’ts when applying the shapes?
  • Ensure skin is completely dry when applying a shape.
  • Always apply the shape when skin is dry and at room temperature (ie. not sweaty, hot, or cold).
  • Trim or shave hair on the application area for best results and easier removal with less pain.
  • Wash the skin with soap or use rubbing alcohol to remove oils, moisture, and dirt.
  • Press over the area for about 10–20 seconds to secure the bond to the skin.
  • Wait 1­–2 hours before beginning athletic or fitness activity.
  • Don’t touch the adhesive before applying to the skin. The shapes have a pre-cut liner to make it easy to avoid contact.
  • Once applied, don’t remove the shape from the skin and re-apply. Too much dead skin will come up, and the adhesive will lose its power.
  • When removing, don’t pull fast. Remove slowly in direction of hair (if present) or in the shower.
Is there a difference between colors?
There is no difference in performance by color. Currently, our shapes come in black and sand. More colors will be added soon, so please feel free to tell us which colors you would like to see.
How much do I stretch the shape?
If you’re doing high-athletic workouts, we recommend pulling the shape taut and then applying. If you’re doing medium-athletic or fitness workouts, or using the shapes for daily support, we recommend stretching the arms” of the shape a half inch (1/2”).
Do I apply RapidForce Shapes like kinesiology tape?
Our shapes were designed to improve upon the design of kinesiology tape or other elastic tapes. Therefore, they are applied differently. Most applications require the shape’s central core to be applied over the area with the most pain. The arms are then stretched to support the muscle and fasten the shape in place. When the shape can’t be applied directly over a pain point—as is the case with upper knee pain or another joint—we recommend applying the shape slightly above or below the joint.
Is RapidForce available in stores?
We sell only online right now, but check back soon to learn when we’ve expanded to stores.