RapidForce Shapes for Back Pain


Thick multi-layered system that is 15x stronger than tape


Conforms to the body and provides maximum mobility

Long Lasting

Stays put for 3–5 days and can relieve pain for longer


Easy to apply: simply peel, place, stretch, and secure

Treatable Conditions

Glenohumeral Dysfunction & Shoulder Joint Pain

The glenohumeral joint is located in the shoulder and enables most shoulder movements. The glenohumeral connects the upper arm (humerus)...

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain comes in many forms: a dull aching, general tightness, quick spasms, a stinging or burning sensation, sudden...

Scapular Pain & Shoulder Pain

Also known as the shoulder blades, the scapulae are the triangular plates on either side of the upper back that...

Upper Back Pain

Although somewhat uncommon, upper back pain can cause serious discomfort for both athletes and non-athletes. The upper back, also known...