About RapidForce

RapidForce® is committed to helping athletes and active people of all stripes live their best lives, pain free and drug free. We do it for our teammates, our families, and our sports. Most of all, we do it for ourselves.

We believe in being active, in embracing each day, in running that extra mile and lifting that extra weight. We believe in a life well-lived. We push ourselves every day to be the best versions of ourselves, which sometimes means managing the physical pain that comes with that kind of passionate living.

RapidForce Shapes were developed, engineered, and perfected by athletic trainers, physical therapists, engineers, and an ultrasound technician at a Wisconsin-based start-up that found kinesiology tapes, wraps, and braces were not delivering on their promises of pain relief and muscle support. After years of development, RapidForce Shapes have become the premier solution for muscle, joint, tendon, or ligament pain because they deliver on their promise of a stronger, smarter, more flexible pain-relief and muscle-support solution.